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Engine Light
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System designed to inform driver of malfunctions in computer controlled operating system. Computer monitors system for values outside of suggested levels. Technician uses code to identify problem area (s) requiring repair.

One of the most common reasons the engine light comes on, is due to a loose gas cap. Make sure the gas cap is secure then after a few days the light should turn off.

If you would like to reset the Engine Light (Service Engine Soon? Light) disconnect the car battery for more than 24 for hours. Why? The back up battery in the Engine Control Module (ECM) last up to 24 hours only

If after disconnecting the battery the light is still on you should have a technician scan for trouble codes present in computer memory. Your vehicle is equipped with on board diagnostic capabilities. Check Engine light indicates when illuminated, malfunction has occurred in operating system. Technician with scan tool can retrieve stored malfunction code(s), this identifies system area requiring repair.

Remember any technician with a scan tool can check for codes, you do not have to use a Nissan Dealer.

Want to check more?

  • First thing would be to check for any obvious problems, anything that could be loose or disconnected.
  • Next, time to pull some trouble codes.
  • Now we have the code.
  • Do Not Replace the part for the retrieved code
  • Before you get too far, check the system for that code, check for the obvious things again.
  • These include;
    • Vacuum leaks.
    • Disconnected wires.
    • Poor fuel pressure from a bad pump or fuel pressure regulator.
    • Water in the fuel.
    • Exhaust leaks