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2003-2006 Infiniti G35 Sedan Compression Rod Replacement Procedure Video

2003-2006 Infiniti G35 Sedan Compression Rod Replacement Procedure Video

Author: ByThaBay - Forum Profile
  • 2003 Infiniti G35 Sedan
  • 2004 Infiniti G35 Sedan
  • 2005 Infiniti G35 Sedan
  • 2006 Infiniti G35 Sedan



Automated transcript
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0:25 tracker
0:26 normally just report poppies out not qualify what it's like a
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0:33 substantiated similar lorena you think that it's because the part later
0:37 okay copy here
0:39 so you can do
0:41 especially now that things money here
0:44 i can rotate this piece of younger
0:46 welcoming when you come here
0:49 oh back
1:04 complete wrap-up for those do you feel a bit
1:10 i am focusing on the mir this cotter pin tiger
1:13 first they were living here we
1:16 bring it up close and
1:20 through outer pane lucent
1:27 what are your
1:32 one thing that they were truly loved securities
1:35 desk at work work you know you want to benefit
1:38 yeah you can actually working out pretty well
1:40 these social carpet and the camera you know
1:44 cat itself
1:48 who no longer if they do not know it
1:51 and uh... you when you feel there's the are your plans are to returns to larry
1:56 king out here
1:57 occurred
1:58 citizen economia nonetheless
2:01 and what you want to be usually in february so it's too tough to his
2:05 regular toolkit sakshi might actually turn inside the giant and it's not going
2:10 to go
2:24 t_v_ at this craft
2:31 so it's like this one
2:36 dressed up for it
2:38 the next uh... there's nothing here
2:45 completely the uh... maneuvers
2:48 modern separators and but
2:52 previously dot
2:53 cutler hammer new singer it up
2:58 misguided
2:59 is already loose
3:12 namrata there's compression
3:16 known except here
3:18 renewed out here
3:20 adenoma popular general now use control just roll right out here you know
3:27 ye dispelled
3:31 we
3:33 cocaine reporting your said when he was going on for a year
3:37 okay
3:38 currently don't wanna push degree centigrade morgan geneseo
3:41 still do
3:57 the increase in the old
4:00 you wouldn't you
4:03 position this thing
4:05 right here
4:08 you're looking at them yeah
4:12 so that soon
4:14 li lu obliquely seepage is gonna come out that you really can't do anything
4:17 about it
4:22 fighters by using their own
4:24 or hall
4:25 you know when you buy a new pressure are they worried you know in front of his
4:28 final incentive
4:30 and
4:36 corkscrew
4:51 gross
4:53 now has been removed
4:58 the pops right out
5:00 it's ticket fare that's why they're over to get off
5:05 yadda sinful
5:08 so that we reached him up but you know that's okay
5:10 that's not the image that so quickly schools uses
5:16 one is immune
5:18 contributes
5:19 u_n_ secretary stand
5:22 audrey's comes out
5:24 he's getting
5:25 together
5:26 now the reason the idea is to sell it
5:29 when you
5:30 compressor a dozen
5:32 d bushing will not be untangle altitude it'll be states we can get in really
5:37 enforced by altering prices etc than
5:40 when the uh... vehicle
5:42 user
5:47 westward back on the ground
5:50 wants unsolicited wouldn't you
6:03 uh...
6:12 this guy
6:15 cat
6:19 and is
6:23 and
6:28 kid
6:36 and then
6:39 through this guy's got man
6:42 here
6:45 ears
6:58 tunisian
7:00 you could use any other way
7:02 carrier from here
7:06 is going on
7:10 okay
7:11 died
7:13 him
7:22 is bushwick b
7:26 at which the
7:29 its owner
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