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Project: Inspect and Change Engine Oil

Protect your investment! Changing your oil and oil filter every three months or 3,000 miles* is the easiest way to prolong the life of your engine.

Why is it so important?
In colder weather, sludge builds up faster because the engine takes longer to reach normal operating temperature. The sludge, corrosive acid and many other contaminants accumulate in your engine, reducing your car's performance and gas mileage!

Change to a lighter weight.
Changing your oil to a lighter weight in the winter can help your engine start more dependably. On a cold morning, a heavy weight oil is thicker and harder for your engine to circulate. In addition, overly thick oil can leave engine parts unprotected when you start up.

Also check your oil level with the dipstick every time you fill up with gas. Check the condition of the oil as well. Brand new oil is light amber and relatively clear. After a few minutes of use, however, it becomes much darker.

If the oil looks extremely dark or grimy, it may be time for a change. Check your oil for:

-Bubbles or foam
-A milky appearance
-A strong smell of gasoline

These signs could mean you have water or fuel contamination or your oil level could be too high.

Be careful not to burn yourself, as the engine oil is hot.
Prolonged and repeated contact with used engine oil may cause skin cancer; try to avoid direct skin contact with used oil. If skin contact is made, wash thoroughly with soap or hand cleaner as soon as possible.

1. Warm up engine, and check for oil leakage from engine components.

2. Stop engine and wait for more than 10 minutes.

3. Remove oil filler cap. (locate on top of engine)

4. Remove drain plug (make sure to have a recipient before remove plug).

5. Let oil drain for 5-10 minutes.

6. Replaced drain plug washer and clean plug

7. Reinstall drain plug

8. Remove oil filter with tool or suitable tool. (located on right side of engine)

9. Clean oil filter mounting surface on cylinder block. Coat rubber seal of new oil filter with engine oil.

10. Screw in the oil filter a slight resistance is felt, then tighten additionally 2/3 turn.

11. Add engine oil.

Refill oil capacity (approximated): 6.0 US qt

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